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2oz Emperors Rejuvenator Mist  $15.00

2oz. Rejuvenator Pomade – Classic or High Hold Matte  $15.00

4oz. Ultra Premium MCT Mist  $21.00

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Emperor’s Rejuvenator has many uses, including, but not limited to: Hair, skin, AND scalp conditioner, shave gel, hot lather cocktail, deep hair conditioning, dry scalp correction, hair color nourishment, pre styler, tattoo nourishment, frizz control, hold and more.

About Emperors Rejuvenator:

Emperor’s Rejuvenator Pomades, Balms & Ultra Premium MCT Mists are 100% all natural and made of only pure ingredients, including NON – GMO coconut oil , organic beeswax & ultra premium MCT.  Founder, Dru Fay, perfected the recipes while in Italy, France, and Spain on a trip throughout the Mediterranean in search of premium natural ingredients that have stood the test of time to service his top shelf clientele.

Upon researching the hair care process of emperors and gladiators in ancient Rome, he is able to blend that rich history with the needs and technology of the present, producing this grade A rejuvenator.

Emperor’s Rejuvenator is the cornerstone offering from Faymous Hair, LLC and is excellent for hair, scalp, and skin conditioning. Made in Austin, Texas.

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